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In the past the Atlantic world has been
particularly successful in expedients for meeting
this aspect of human nature. Our characteristic
and traditional method may be called the method
of the fundamental declaration. Our Western
peoples, by a happy instinct, have produced
statements of Right, from Magna Carta onwards,
to provide a structural defence between the
citizen and the necessary growth of central
And plainly the successful organisation of the
more universal and penetrating collectivism that
is now being forced upon us all, will be frustrated
in its most vital aspect unless its organisation is
accompanied by the preservative of a new
Declaration of the Rights of Man, that must,
because of the increasing complexity of the
social structure, be more generous, detailed and
explicit than any of its predecessors. Such a
Declaration must become the common fundamental
law of all communities and collectivities assembled
under the World Pax. It should be interwoven
with the declared war aims of the combatant
powers now; it should become the primary
fact in any settlement ; it should be put
before the now combatant states for their
approval, their embarrassed silence or their